Due Diligence &
Business Intelligence

We research companies and their management teams, supply chains and other relevant areas to uncover high-value, actionable intelligence to aid our clients’ decision-making around investments, partnerships and hiring.

In the context of anti-corruption (FCPA/UK Bribery Act), anti-money laundering, sanctions and export controls compliance, we conduct global integrity and investigative due diligence on third-party agents, joint venture partners, acquisition targets and other relevant parties to uncover and help mitigate key risks.

We gather strategic intelligence on competitors, industries and geographies to assist in commercial opportunities and support capital allocation, market entry and positioning decisions.


Litigation Support, Corporate Disputes
& Asset Investigations

We support in-house legal teams and outside counsel in all phases of civil litigation (including employment, intellectual property and other disputes), proxy contests, white-collar criminal defense and domestic and international arbitrations, by gathering critical facts and evidence to support or defend against claims, and by identifying, vetting and/or interviewing witnesses.

We identify and trace assets to help our clients make key decisions prior to or in the course of litigation or arbitration and to help them enforce and recover on judgments.


Fraud, Corruption &
Misconduct Investigations

We investigate allegations of fraud, corruption and misconduct on behalf of companies and organizations, ranging from bribery and kickbacks to harassment and conflicts of interest.  Members of our deeply-experienced team have been engaged to establish and manage an internal investigations unit for a leading global humanitarian organization and have led key aspects of a high-profile public corruption inquiry into an attorney general on behalf of a state legislature’s investigative committee.

We provide investigative support to law firms in internal investigations they may be leading, including research on individuals, entities, and events of interest, locating witnesses and assisting with interviews.